Rolling for a bright future



Born in Paris, Roland grew up in Tours before coming back to Paris for his high school education. Roland’s inner circle is made of a Brazilian mother and a diplomat father that has allowed him to spend his childhood visiting many countries and cultures. His numerous trips in South America, North Africa and the Middle East have opened his eyes on the road of development and reinforced his thirst to discover the world.

Back in Paris, Roland discovered a passion for turning himself to others. He studied at the boarding school Stanislas where he discovered the community and engagement towards others. He created two charities, one to help the homeless and the other to build relations between students and the elderly members of the community.

After his Baccalaureat, Roland has confirmed his desire of broadening his knowledge. He decided to study management at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom), where he is now achieving his second year.

One of Roland’s forces is also his adventurous spirit. This quality led him to trek around Brazil in 2013, Southern Africa in 2014 and to hitchhike from London to Split in Croatia on behalf of a charity fighting for children education in Southern Africa. These experiences have reinforced his convictions that motivation, willpower and goal setting are all key factors to success.

Curious and eager of new adventures, Roland has decided to entirely involved himself in The Green Wheels project to realize his dream but also to discover more about himself and moreover to be helpful to others.


Maxence BEGUIN

Maxence was born in Poitiers and grew up in Paris. He has always been strongly attached to his roots and likes the idea to spend some time in Poitou-Charentes every summer. He has been educated at Saint Jean de Passy for 13 years where he learned to blossom out intellectually and humanly, in a spirit of openness to others and to the world.

Maxence rapidly turned towards the Scout Organization where he discovered the importance of dedicating time to others. He is able to adapt to different situations, as evidenced by his recent stay in Togo as a volunteer. Supporting children in need for one month enabled him to discover another culture and habits as well as discovering himself. The communities particularly impressed him by sharing the warmest welcome of his life. These fantastic experiences gave Maxence an open-minded spirit and played a large part in improving his listening and communication skills.

The practice of many extracurricular activities enabled Maxence to develop a sense of challenge and team spirit. He developed a real passion for sports, which engage in surpassing himself.  Looking for that same feeling, he threw himself into many adventurous trips such as the ‘Tour du Mont Blanc’ (hiking) and cycled across Brittany. For him, staying out of action and motionless is definitely not an option.

Afterwards, he chose to open himself even more, moving to England to study Management. The university life in Warwick enabled him to make friends from a wide range of countries and became increasingly aware of other’s opinions. He definitely feels ready to adapt to a travel way of life along with people from different backgrounds.



Louis was born and grew up in Paris. He has always been strongly attached to his country and is particularly proud of its culture and history. Having travelled in countries such as China, Mexico or the United States gave him a first insight into different cultures and grow his desire to discover the rest of the world.

Louis was educated at the Lycee Gerson, where he passed its Baccalaureate in the economic stream in 2013. Afterwards, he decided to move to England to study Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. Understanding the world and its geopolitical environment has always fascinated Louis. This is certainly why he developed a strong interest for numerous subjects such as economics, history and politics. However, he quickly felt the need to go further and spread his wings. When the idea of performing a world trip along with two good friends came up, he immediately seized this fantastic opportunity. Louis has always been keen on thinking out of the box while being curious and open-minded.

Louis is ambitious and already got involved into a charitable organisation where he was helping disadvantaged children in mathematics for one year. During this experience, Louis discovered the importance of turning himself to others.

Furthermore, Louis has always demonstrated strong convictions regarding various issues related to human development and education. He is determined to defend the values in which he believes throughout The Green Wheels.


During our trip around the world, our team will receive help and support from England. This background team is made of two really good friends who have both assisted to the inception of our project. 

Giovanni FOGLIA – Treasurer
Nicolas DAVID – Marketing and Communication officer


In our team, we also have dozens of friends from Ulule, our friends, families, people who are passionate and so many others that have trusted us!

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