Rolling for a bright future
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« Three Warwick Business School students are cycling 20,000km around the world for a year to raise money for renewable energy projects in developing countries.

With a new deal on climate change due to be signed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris at the end of the year in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming to 2C, undergraduates Roland Huyghues Despointes, Maxence Beguin and Louis Delahaye, from Paris, France, want to promote and support the use of renewable energy through microfinance.

“We are convinced that small projects using renewable energy can make a big difference in places like Africa and Asia,” said Mr Huyghues Despointes. “In developing countries microfinance provides vital access to funds for entrepreneurs and small businesses that don’t have access to banks.

“We think microfinance can play a vital role in promoting renewable energy in developing countries through the funding of things like solar-powered water pumps and giving power to places without electricity. It can help transform poor communities by providing them with relatively cheap electricity and so boost the local economy and its infrastructure.

“Cycling is the greenest form of transport so it seemed natural that we should bike to all these wonderful schemes around the world.” 


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