Rolling for a bright future


The Green Wheels is an idea that came to the mind of three curious university friends. The backbone of our initiative is made of human adventurechallengetrustthirst to discover the world and help others.

We want to support and promote the use of cleansafe and renewable energies through microfinance in developing countries. To do so, we need your help! We will raise money through donations and sponsors before investing in green energy projects.

Focusing on local areas, we will select them along with microfinance institutions and then cycle from one to another over the course of a 12 month adventure. We believe bicycles represent the greenest way to travel and therefore convey humility values.


People often associate clean and safe energies to unaffordable resources such as costly wind turbines and imposing solar panels. However, poor communities only need small amounts of money to develop facilities in order to provide electricity, water and heating to their families (solar powered water pumps, solar system for heating and lighting…).

We are convinced that small projects can make a big change in a long-term perspective.


Microfinance, from “every day survival” to “planning for the future”

Now operating for more than 20 years, microfinance is facing a new challenge that involves sustainable issues. In encouraging economic development, microfinance has often led to a deterioration of the environment. In addition, nowadays, 2 billion people do not have access to modern energetic services. That is why we want to integrate an environmental dimension into microfinance.

Our project’s actions




Our team believes that microfinance is founded on a mutual trust between each of the different actors involved. In this perspective, we will establish close relationships with international microfinance institutions, local microfinance partners, individual borrowers and communities.  This interaction will enable us to select the most relevant green energy projects in local areas.

Based on this selection, we will cycle from projects to projects to assess the impact of our investments. Evaluating the evolution of the projects we support represents a significant part of our experience as we aim for sustainable progress. Since we are planning to support a large number of projects, we will not be able to visit all of them. However, we do guarantee a full follow up for each of them.

We will write a report aiming to share our experience while assessing the impact of energy on economic development. Our objective? Being able to answer the following question: does energy go hand in hand with individual and social development?

Why do we match green energies with microfinance ?

Our observation

Microfinance is an effective means to alleviate poverty. However, it can rapidly lead to a deterioration of our environment

Our solution

Integrate an environmental dimension into microfinance to support economic development within disadvantaged communities


Our objective

Write a report to assess the impact of energy in local areas

Our plan of action


Projects we support

Be aware of the projects we will support! We are actively working with our partners to carefully choose the projects we want to help. We will let you know as soon as possible!

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